Yamaha Mio Fino Batik Edition

Batik is the work of Indonesia, which has a high artistic value. I will explain this time not about batik, but a scooter that gets Batik cast, presented by Yamaha Indonesia, and applied to the Yamaha Mio Fino. For me this is an exciting and high creativity. Scooter with batik designs are the result of a collaboration between young designers Indonesia Lenny Agustin and Yamaha Indonesia R & D.

Yamaha Mio Fino Batik Edition is presented in commemoration of National Awakening Day (Hari Kebangkitan Nasional 2013), is also the anniversary of yamaha mio 10th in Indonesia. Yamaha Mio Fino Batik Edition is available in three motifs, and are produced in limited quantities, which is only 6000 units.

The characteristics of the scooters are On rear body cover and front leg shield cover body reads I Love Indonesia. Yamaha Mio Fino Batik Edition still uses 113 cc carburetor engine, and is sold at Rp. 13,600,000.

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