Monday, April 8, 2013

Yamaha Vega RR Injection will be coming soon

A few moments Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing, will complement the range of motorcycles with Injection engine, employs cub motorcycle variants. After some time ago that carries the present Jupiter Z1 injection, now there is one more variant will use injection technology, Yamaha Vega.

Reportedly will be named Vega RR for this new variant. As you know, Yamaha Vega is currently on the market, still use carburetors. Other news, Yamaha Vega RR will experience a total change in terms of appearance. The engine used is a capacity of 110cc.

According to information from Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM), has enrolled Vega RR, at TPT Online, Ministry of Industry, which is registered under the name YAMAHA 35D (Vega RR). Well, maybe you can hardly wait for the presence of Vega RR, we wait as if Vega RR with this injection engine.