Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yamaha X-Ride Gallery

For those of you who are curious about the Yamaha X-Ride, here's Yamaha X-Ride Gallery is for sure you like, look dusk light form the shape of a "V" is unique, and has a cruiser motorcycle style, two-color seat design, with anti-slip material for ride comfort, sporty design and simple style speedometer, alloy wheels and wide tires have a tread design making it great for a variety of road conditions, Complete with Smart lock system, for braking on road conditions uphill, and downhill. Aerodinamic grill makes more sporty and character, and to help engine cooling while driving. Undertail exhaust styled rear lights, ie, with a sporty handle bars, and turn signal Motocross style. Disc diameter 3cm wider than usual scooter, for maximum braking. Available in four attractive colors namely Skater white, Drifting Black, Crosser Blue, and Adventure Black.