Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yamaha X-Ride Accessories prices

Yamaha X-Ride presence so complete, complete with special edition helmet, also a complete with additional accessories, which can create the appearance of Yamaha X-Ride more handsome. If you already have a Yamaha X-Ride at home, there is no harm if you equip the X-Ride with accessories provided by Yamaha, which is sold separately.

Please check the price list Yamaha X-Ride Accessories in the table below, who knows suited to your tastes and your budget. Consisting of 13 accessories that visor set, hand guard, muffler protector, aluminum board, hook, handlebar stopper, reservoir cover, foot rest, fall protection, cover front fender, headlight guard, guard panel set, and guard cover set.

Accessories NamePrices
Visor setRp195.000
Guard handRp250.000
Protector muffler Rp120.000
Aluminium board Rp235.000
Hook Rp75.000
Handlebar stopper Rp210.000
Cover reservoir Rp75.000
Foot rest Rp200.000
Protection fall Rp165.000
Cover front fenderRp45.000
Guard headlightRp170.000
Guard panel set Rp240.000
Guard cover set Rp205.000