Honda CB150R StreetFire Go On Sale

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) to end this year with the launch of the latest model of Honda motor sport CB150R STREETFIRE that combines the latest technology and design sophistication.
After being introduced to the Jakarta Motorcycle Show (JMCS) 2012, Honda officially marketed CB150R STREETFIRE starting this month. This model comes with the concept of naked sport bike-best performing and promoting leading sporty design to attract consumers who have a variety of sport and the spirit of the driving experience.

Latest Design
Honda CB150R STREETFIRE design carries "speedy shape" characteristic sharp, memorable slim and light as a reflection of a high-performance motor sport that evokes an aura of speed. Outline design and blends rhythm and flow from the headlights to the rear fender, thus supporting the overall look sporty and aggressive.

High-performance 150cc engine
CB150R STREETFIRE Honda 150cc engine equipped, 4-Step, DOHC, 4-valve, 6-Speed, based on the Honda CBR150R is Honda's flagship sport bike segment with a model full fairing. Liquid cooled engine (Liquid-Cooled) that have implemented fuel supply system PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) engine produces an outstanding performance, best-in-class acceleration as well as fuel efficient and environmentally friendly (meet exhaust emission standards Euro- 2).

Latest model of Honda motor sport has a maximum power of 12.5 kW (17.00 PS) / 10,000 rpm and maximum torque of 13.1 Nm (1.34 kgf.m) / 8000 rpm, engine Honda CB150R STREETFIRE produce outstanding performance , because it can reach a maximum speed of 122 km / h and acceleration of 10.6 seconds for a distance of 0-200 meters.

President Director AHM Yusuke Hori said Honda CB150R STREETFIRE produce the best combination of high performance and efficient fuel consumption. Through this model, consumers will enjoy exceptional engine performance and raises adrenaline when riding.
"We have been trying to expand its products PGM-FI this year, but our efforts for the environment is not just going to stop here. Declarations FI To continue, we will continue to deliver products that are environmentally friendly injection next year.

Frame and Suspension
This model was designed using an innovative order type truss or trellis that light but has a high strength. This framework is designed specifically to support the engine, maximizing performance Pro-Link suspension system reduces engine vibration and optimally, resulting in stability, agility and comfort while driving.

Honda CB150R STREETFIRE adopt one of the advanced features CBR250R models, the system of Pro-Link rear suspension that is able to adapt to various road conditions making it more stable and comfortable because it can make the shocks of the seat feels softer.

To control speed, this model is equipped with dual disc brakes that generate maximum braking power in all conditions ride.

Features Featured
Honda CB150R STREETFIRE have panel meters with a white background graphics are sporty and futuristic digital panel supported. This digital panel displays complete information, such as the speedometer, odometer, trip meter, clock, fuel meter and a single display screen.

This model is also equipped with six bolt pattern wheel racing star and has a U-shaped cross section sporty thick. This racing wheels wrapped with tubeless type tires making it more secure and practical.
In addition, this model also features excellent features such as a safety lock magnet (Magnetic Key Shutter), so it appears more modern and practical and effective in reducing the risk of bike theft.

Market Conditions
National sports market continues to increase and the public interest. Throughout January to November this year, the national motor sport market has absorbed 714,599 units, an increase of 18.2% compared to the same period the achievement last year, amounting to 604 656 units. Honda sport bikes popular with achieving sales of 159,947 units (AISI data).

Meanwhile, Honda CB150R STREETFIRE long-awaited presence in the market of national motor sport, has attracted the attention of nearly 2,500 applicants. They recorded expressed interest in buying this model by registering as Honda's first appearance at the event JMCS CB150R STREETFIRE 2012 and also register through Honda's online community site.

Executive Vice President Director AHM Johannes Loman said, the public interest for this model is incredible although this model has not been officially launched to the market. This makes companies Honda CB150R optimistic STREETFIRE be able to strengthen its penetration in the segment of mid-sport.

"With its high performance and sporty appearance, we believe the market will lead to a secondary sport CB150R STREETFIRE Honda along with the acceptance of this model among the lovers of motor sport country."

Price and Variants
Honda CB150R STREETFIRE marketed at a price (OTR Jakarta) Rp 22,350,000, -. This model comes with 4 color options, namely: Speedy White, Lightning White, Astro Black, and Red Furious. AHM targeting sales of Honda CB150R STREETFIRE reached 15,000 units / month.

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