Quadro Parkour world's first scooter with 4 wheels

In general, the motorcycle has two wheels, there also has three wheelers such as scooters Piaggio MP3. This time there is a surprising and interesting course, this is about a motorcycle with 4 wheels, this is a scooter with 4 wheels, of course, this scooter is the first in the world to have 4 wheels.

Quadro Parkour is Italian motorcycle manufacturer that concerns ith launches Quadro Parkour as four wheel scooter in the world. Parkour was developed based Quadro Piaggio MP3. According to information, Quadro Parkour will be produced in Taiwan, and goes on sale in November 2013.

Quadro Parkour with HTS technology, an oblique hydraulic system, which can move all four wheels to move sideways to the direction of inflection. With HTS technology, four-wheel scooter still has a sense of driving like a regular motorcycle.

Quadro Parkour has a single cylinder four-valve engine with a capacity of 346cc, and is equipped with liquid cooling. Also can develop the power to reach 27 horsepower and has a maximum speed of 120 km / h. Weight owned Parkour is 250kg, with a fuel tank capacity of 25 liters.

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