Monday, October 22, 2012

2013 Yamaha Mio125i YMJET-FI launched in Thailand

More days Yamaha enrich their products with the injection system, this time in Bangkok present a new variant, the 2013 Yamaha Mio125i YMJET-FI, an automatic scooters are updated, using machine-cooled 125cc 4-stroke liquid injection system.

In Indonesia, Yamaha 2013 Mio125i YMJET-FI is the 2013 Yamaha Xeon YMJET-FI which will be coming soon in the launch, Yamaha claims YMJET-FI engine is more efficient than the previous model. Also with a lighter weight than the previous model, the new design also looks to the theme Aggressive, and Sport Sharp.

2013 Yamaha Mio125i YMJET-FI with a charming single lamp, visible changes in the dusk light, which was mounted on the handlebar cover, is now light at dusk Mio125i shield mounted on the right and left headlights.