Honda Vario techno 125 PGM-FI version of Indonesia will be equipped with the ISS system (idling stop system)

Fuel-efficient on the motorcycle, it's definitely a very expected the rider. Perhaps you are familiar with Honda scooter Click 125i. If in Indonesia, Click 125i is the Vario Techno 125 PGM-FI, Honda click the differences on the 125i has been fitted with ISS (idling stop system), well here's a useful feature to save fuel. for example when we stopped at the zebra crossing, the engine will die their own bike and do not need to turn off the engine with the ignition and then turn on again by pressing the starter button. With the ISS system, the engine will die alone, and turn the gas back by pulling the legs, and drove scooter.

Now reportedly ISS system (idling stop system) will be applied to the Vario techno 125 PGM-FI version of Indonesia, Woow it would be very nice. According to informants, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Just add some hardware and replace the ECM (electronic control module). Hardware in question is under the seat sensor that reads the rider on the bike. When the motorcycle rider throttle without the engine will not die if left longer. Another component that must be added to the switch on the handlebar to activate this feature ISS, and the indicator on the speedometer panel. In addition it has to be changed is the ECM with the new module support the work of the ISS.

For those of you lovers of Honda Vario in Indonesia, we wait for further news about this good news.

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