New face Honda Scoopy PGMFI introduced in thailand

Here comes the latest from honda motorcycle thailand, Yeah you would have known that the scooter is "Scoopy". On 3/5 today, 2013 Honda Scoopy PGMFI was introduced by AP Honda Thailnand, is evident from the appearance of a new touch.

New Faces 2013 Scoopy PGMFI changing from front to rear, is seen in more oval headlamps and vertical design of the turn signal on the front shield.

The new touch 2013 Honda Scoopy  PGMFI look at the rear turn signal lights attached to the body, you would have known that the Scoopy previous versions, the rear turn signal lamps do not blend with the body. The colors are offered to a very energetic and exciting show.

2013 Honda Scoopy PGMFI injection engine is equipped with PGM-FI SOHC 108 cc, the company claims that the fuel consumption 2013 Scoopy PGMFI is 1 liter for 53 kilometers, it is quite economical as well mate, price offered to Thailand ranging from 45 thousand baht.

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